Youth Activities Matching Grants

Masonry has long supported the youth in the towns and schools in our communities. With the steadily increasing number of Matching Grant applications being received, the Masonic Charitable Foundation created a separate grant program called the Youth Activities Matching Grant. Like the other grant programs, this particular grant will allow a lodge to have their fund raising efforts matched by up to $1,000 from the Masonic Charitable Foundation.

There are a great number of children and teens who participate in various sports programs, Boy Scouts and Girls Scouts, academic endeavors, and other projects that either benefit youth directly, or where a lodge can become a partner in a youth project in their town. We have seen lodges participate with school groups in efforts to acquire winter clothing and food for those in need, assistance for their schools, and more. The drive to work, help, aid, and assist our youth can only serve to better a lodge and its members.

The Foundation will now match $2 for every $1 earned for the first $500 raised on a program.  Please read the guidelines for submitting a grant application here.  Lodge members can either apply for the grant online here and immediately submit the application or download and print the PDF application.

To support the Youth Activities Matching Grant program, click here to make a donation