Masonic Relief

Masonry is a community of like-minded men who want to improve themselves in any number of ways. As a fraternity, we do our best to improve ourselves and see that we are better individuals, partners, husbands, fathers, leaders, and friends through what Masonry teaches us. But as we all know, life can often not go as we had planned. Through job loss, a health issue, or other unforeseen factors, we may from time to time need the assistance of those with whom we share a fraternal bond.

When a Brother comes upon hard times, he may often look to his lodge for assistance and guidance. His blue lodge will undoubtedly do the best it can to assist within its means, and with discretion. For the times when a lodge feels that more needs to be done than it has the means to do, the Masonic Charitable Foundation has a Masonic Relief program that has helped a great number of men over the years. This program is a direct extension of the lessons in the Masonic degrees that urges us to do what we can to help those in need.

The PDF application is available for download here and should be completed as completely as possible so that the committee on relief can best assess the issues at hand.