Maine Masonic Education Programs

Masons have championed many great causes throughout history, but perhaps none as far-reaching, or as personal, as public education. Since the early days of our great country Masons have been advocates for quality, accessible education. Horace Mann (1796-1859), known as the “Father of the Common School Movement,” was a Freemason, and Masonic Lodges all over the country still consider school initiatives a top priority.

Today, Maine Masons continue to support schools through relevant, impactful programs that reach nearly every part of the state.  The Maine Masonic Charitable Foundation has a special focus on childhood literacy and social/emotional learning programs (SEL). We work with the state Department of Education to identify strong programs that meet the needs of Maine’s children.

All training events for educators and school staff that are sponsored by the Foundation are certified for continuing education credits by the University of Southern Maine.

New initiatives will be announced in the Fall of 2018!

For further information please contact the Maine Masonic Charitable Foundation’s Executive Director, Amanda Larson, by email, by phone at 207-843-1086, or by contacting us here.