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Note: There may be two courses offered on the same day!

All courses are open to all Masons as well as the general public. Note that this is a tentative schedule and more classes may be added. Future course listings will be posted here as they become available.

While it is not necessary, it is strongly recommended you pre-register with Theresa at the Grand Lodge Office – 207-843-1086.

Please note: There will be a lite luncheon served after each class. The charge is $5.00. If you plan to attend the meal you must pre-register for the class by calling Theresa at the grand lodge office at 207-843-1086. Thank you.

October 26, 2019 - Tenets & Cardinal Virtues

This opportunity is designed to be an interactive study of the fundamental beliefs and responsibilities of Freemasonry as presented in the tenets and the cardinal virtues which are so beautifully embedded in our ritual but which are too often hurried by. Special emphasis is placed upon the moral and the deeply spiritual nature of these essentials and the crucial need for the presence and practice in our present world situation.

Instructor: RW Doug Taft and W. Karl Furtado

Location: Presumpscot Lodge, Windham 9AM-12PM

November 9, 2019 - Jurisprudence

-“A survey of the sources of Masonic principles and usages, of Masonic law and an analysis of how the former are expressed in the latter.”

Instructor: MW Wayne T. Adams

Location: Tranquil Lodge, Auburn 9AM-12PM

November 16, 2019 - The Secret Geometry of Art

we will study firsthand the various styles found in fine art painting and explore how math, geometry and science gave artists the keys to unlock their imaginations.  Topics will include the development of forced perspective, implied movement, illusion of sound, elements of visual composition, depth of field, and the effects which light, hue and saturation have on the eye of the viewer.

Instructor: VW Daniel Gaucher

Location: Arundel Lodge, Kennebunkport 9AM-12PM

November 23, 2019 - Symbolism II

This course will examine the symbolism behind several central aspects of our identity as Freemasons. Our conversation will delve further into the history, origins, traditions, and practical applications of common Masonic symbols. Although this course is titled Symbolism II, participation in previous courses on symbolism is not required and we encourage anyone who is interested to join us.

Instructor: MW Mark Rustin

Location: Waterville Lodge, Waterville 9AM-12PM

December 7, 2019 - Astronomy-Hitchhikers guide through the Universe

Of all the arts and sciences, Astronomy has the closest association with our human feeling of awe and our search for who and where we are. The Maine Masonic College through the University of Maine is pleased to present this planetarium program once each year for the enjoyment and edification of the whole family. The program is typically a blend of a guide in observing the nighttime sky and an adventure into new discoveries in deep space.  We have chosen December as the month for this occasion.  

Instructor: Shawn Laatsch- University of Maine

Location: Planetarium at UMO 1PM