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All courses are open to all Masons as well as the general public. Note that this is a tentative schedule and more classes may be added. Future course listings will be posted here as they become available.

While it is not necessary, it is strongly recommended you pre-register with Theresa at the Grand Lodge Office – 207-843-1086.

Please note: There will be a lite luncheon served after each class. The charge is $5.00. If you plan to attend the meal you must pre-register for the class by calling Theresa at the grand lodge office at 207-843-1086. Thank you.

March 2, 2019 - Virtruvious

In the reign of Caesar Augustus, Vitruvius was an engineer who wrote a series of texts on Architecture and the art of building. We read those texts with amazement. So often what Vitruvius has to say shares with the world-view of modern Freemasonry- a “virtually seamless relationship... between the critical, rational methods of science and the maintenance of the ancestral traditions including religion” or perhaps as better phrased, a spiritual reverence for the beauty and the order of the universe. This course introduces what Vitruvius sees as fundamental to the work of the Builder along with the importance of the Arts and Sciences in an inspirational adventure with very practical results.

Instructor: RW Don McDougal & RW George Macdougall

Location: Mystic Lodge, Hampden 9AM-12PM

March 9, 2019 - Myth and Freemasonry

The purpose of this class is to express the basic and central nature of the spiritual life of the local Lodges as the foundation upon which Freemasonry is properly built. It will present information to the attendees, provide the opportunity for discussion and explanation, and utilize the true nature of the fraternity as an on-going resource for continued education and goal realization.

Instructor: MW Mark Rustin

Location: Morning Star Lodge, Litchfield 9AM-12PM

April 6, 2019 - Ethics

New instructor. Description coming soon.

Instructor: Dr. Bill Johnson

Location: Star in the West Lodge, Unity 9AM-12PM

April 13, 2019 - Tenants & Cardinal Virtues

Freemasonry is not a revealed religion. It is, however, as are all great human searches after what is truly significant. Instructors Doug Taft and Karl Furtado will lead us in such a search for the interrelated significance of the Cardinal Virtues and the Tenets of our profession not only as Freemasons but as human beings. Brothers Doug and Karl’s course is intended for participation and is supported by excellent hand-out material. You will leave with a new understanding of the importance of our tenets and cardinal virtues.

Instructor: RW Doug Taft & Bro. Karl Furtado

Location: Paris Lodge, South Paris 9AM-12PM

April 27, 2019 - Arts & Sciences- The study of Logic

Once a year the Maine Masonic College holds a celebration of the arts and sciences which are the magnificent achievements and courageous outreach of the human mind and spirit. Traditionally, the format for these annual celebrations includes a morning presentation by a leading figure in a particular art of science or in arts and science education followed by a banquet and an open session encouraging participation on the part of the participant.

Instructor: Luke Shorty, others to be determined.

Location: Anah Shrine Center, Bangor. 8Am Registration 9AM Class

May 11, 2019 - The Wondrous Fellow craft

This course explores the Fellow Craft Degree as the central introduction to the quest which Freemasonry offers. It suggests that among all the good attributes of the Masonic environment, it is this opportunity of quest which makes the Fraternity of special importance to men and society today.   Assisted by visual images and interactive discussion this exploration will begin with that ancient legend that two great pillars stand at the beginning of the journey that all must take if they are to find wisdom, strength and establishment. What will follow is a consideration of the ways in which the Fellow Craft Degree introduces the candidate to this most remarkable passage which leads to a world of enlarging enlightenment, ability and contentment. Exploration will include the winding stairs, the liberal arts and sciences, the references to our human history and role of geometry and architecture, the jewels of a Fellow Craft, the passage to the Middle Chamber and the gem of Masonic Teaching, the “Letter G Lecture”.   This course is designed to bring new focus to that all important middle degree in Freemasonry and to afford an opportunity for new masons as well as their mentors to expand their horizons as they labor to be builders of knowledge and worthy, life giving vision and ideals.

Instructor: RW George Macdougall & RW Don McDougal

Location: Island Falls Lodge, Island Falls 9AM-12PM

May 18, 2019 - Symbolism

This course will help establish a foundation of understanding for several Maine Masonic College courses dealing with Masonic and other forms of symbolism, allegory, myth and philosophical expressions of belief. It was developed from a psychological and practical perspective which examines the use of dynamic roles of symbols as instruments of understanding and vehicles of exploration both in our personal lives and in our mutual and significant inter-relationships with others. The lecture portion of this course explores the use of certain symbols of the Masonic degree experience. Participants will be divided into groups and given practical; exercises in which to explore the significance and efficacy of symbols in the process of developing individual and group insights  in their encounter with human situations and in their search for greater understanding. This is a practical applications course and is critical for mentors of any organization in which symbolism plays and important role.

Instructor: RW Eric Kuntz

Location: District 14 Location announced at a later date.

June 8, 2019 - The EA Degree

Through the use of lecture, illustration and seminar dialogue, this course seeks to expand the participant’s realization of the extraordinary experience which takes place when candidates become Entered Apprentices.  Together those involved in this course will seek to explore the expanding space of particular human experience in which the new Masons find themselves. Governing the working geometry of this space are such cardinal points as Ethical Care, Scope of Understanding, Practical Skills and Professional Responsibility as a Mason. As a source of historical perspective, attention will be given to one of the oldest Masonic documents, the Regius Poem, and its significance to the E.A. Degree.  Every part of the Degree has a symbolic meaning as well as a literal interpretation. That most important symbolic part will be highlighted and explored. The final goal of this course is to have everyone present leave with an understanding why  ...the greatest and best of men in all ages have been encouragers and promoters of the art, and have never deemed it derogatory from their dignity to level themselves with the fraternity....”

Instructor: RW George Macdougall & RW Don McDougal

Location: Dist. 10 Location announced at a later date.

June 15, 2019 - Curiosity As A Tool For Enriching One's Life

     Course Description - Studies have revealed that the greatest opportunities for joy, purpose, happiness, and personal growth in life happens when we are mindful of the world around us, when we explore what is new or novel, and when we live in the moment and embrace uncertainty.  Positive events last longer and we can extract more pleasure and meaning from them when we remain open to new experiences and relish the unknown.                                                                                                                                                         Curiosity offers us a tool for building lasting and meaningful relationships, improving mental and physical health, increasing creativity, and boosting productivity.  In this course Bro and Dr. Plummer will share studies that have been conducted that reveal that curiosity plays a very critical role in the pursuit of a meaningful life and that it offers a gateway to the creation of profound intimacy, insights, and meaning in life. He will also share tools and techniques that can be used to renew the relationships with the curious explorer in one's self.  And he says a good place to begin is to ask yourself the question, "Are you curious to know more?"        

Instructor: RW Charlie Plummer

Location: Dist. 5 Location announced at a later date.