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All courses are open to all Masons as well as the general public. Note that this is a tentative schedule and more classes may be added. Future course listings will be posted here as they become available.

While it is not necessary, it is strongly recommended you pre-register with Theresa at the Grand Lodge Office – 207-843-1086.

Please note: There will be a lite luncheon served after each class. The charge is $5.00. If you plan to attend the meal you must pre-register for the class by calling Theresa at the grand lodge office at 207-843-1086. Thank you.

December 2, 2017 - Astronomy

Of all the arts and sciences, Astronomy has the closest association with our human feeling of awe and our search for who and where we are. The Maine Masonic College through the University of Maine is pleased to present this planetarium program once each year for the enjoyment and edification of the whole family. The program is typically a blend of a guide in observing the nighttime sky and an adventure into new discoveries in deep space.  We have chosen December as the month for this occasion. The specific date will be announced

Instructor: TBD

Location: UMO Planetarium 3PM-4PM

January 6, 2018 - Polishing the Stone

     In every Masonic Lodge Room, one enters one will find two stones prominently displayed – one rough cut the other smooth. These two stones – The Ashlars – bear special symbolic insight and significance to every man who has ever been or is now a Mason. They portray a man from the beginning to the end of his Masonic life and set before him a goal. This course is a study of these symbols and the meaning inherent within.

Instructor: RW Mark Rustin

Location: Horeb Lodge, Lincoln 9AM-12PM

January 20, 2018 - Myth & Freemasonry

The purpose of this class is to express the basic and central nature of the spiritual life of the local Lodges as the foundation upon which Freemasonry is properly built. It will present information to the attendees, provide the opportunity for discussion and explanation, and utilize the true nature of the fraternity as an on-going resource for continued education and goal realization.

Instructor: RW Mark Rustin

Location: David A. Hooper Lodge, Sullivan 9AM-12PM

February 10, 2018 - The Wondrous Fellow Craft Degree- a Journey for Our Times

This course explores the Fellow Craft Degree as the central introduction to the quest which Freemasonry offers. It suggests that among all the good attributes of the Masonic environment, it is this opportunity of quest which makes the Fraternity of special importance to men and society today. Assisted by visual images and interactive discussion this exploration will begin with that ancient legend that two great pillars stand at the beginning of the journey that all must take if they are to find wisdom, strength and establishment. What will follow is a consideration of the ways in which the Fellow Craft Degree introduces the candidate to this most remarkable passage which leads to a world of enlarging enlightenment, ability and contentment. Exploration will include the winding stairs, the liberal arts and sciences, the references to our human history and role of geometry and architecture, the jewels of a Fellow Craft, the passage to the Middle Chamber and the gem of Masonic Teaching, the “Letter G Lecture”.   This course is designed to bring new focus to that all important middle degree in Freemasonry and to afford an opportunity for new masons as well as their mentors to expand their horizons as they labor to be builders of knowledge and worthy, life giving vision and ideals.

Instructor: RW Donald McDougal and MW Walter Macdougall

Location: Rural Lodge, Sidney 9AM-12PM

February 24, 2018 - Critical Thinking

     This presentation is on the importance of Critical Thinking in society and our lives.  Don McDougal and George Macdougall present on what Critical Thinking is, where it is used, how easily the brain can be fooled and ways to get to the correct decision.

Instructor: RW George Macdougall & RW Don McDougal

Location: Benevolent Lodge, Carmel 9AM-12PM

March 17, 2018 - Examining the Modern Social Landscape: Implications for Freemasonry

The seminar serves as an introduction to understanding the complexities of demographic, social, and economic trends. We would focus on both the United States as a whole and the State of Maine specifically. Masonic lodges have been an integral part of the social landscape for centuries. To maintain our viable and relevant presence, we need to develop an enhanced awareness of and critically examine the changing sociocultural factors that impact our fraternity. Dr. Christopher Howard is the Chair for the Social Science division and an Associate Professor of Psychology at Husson University. Christopher is currently serving as the Worshipful Master of Seminary Hill Daylight Lodge as well as the Dean of the Maine Masonic College.

Instructor: VW Christopher Howard

Location: Tyrian Lodge, Mechanic Falls 9AM-12PM

March 31, 2018 - Rhetoric

While Rhetoric, as one of the seven liberal arts and sciences listed in the Fellow Craft Degree, covers the powerful and informative use of language in general, this training experience focuses on speech as an essential aspect of effective communication. This experience will provide the fundamental skills of organizing and delivery in speaking situations where the goal is either to inform or to persuade. Special effort is made to provide a friendly and supportive atmosphere in which participants may practice what they are leaning.

Instructors for this course come from the University of Maine's Department of Communication and Journalism or some other similar institution of learning.

Instructor: UMO Staff (TBD)

Location: Mystic Lodge, Hampden 9AM-12PM

April 14, 2018 - Jurisprudence

A survey of the sources of Masonic principles and usages, of Masonic law and an analysis of how the former are expressed in the latter.”

Instructor: MW Wayne T. Adams

Location: Limestone Lodge, Limestone 9AM-12PM

April 21, 2018 - The Entered Apprentice Degree: an opening door to the Brotherhood of Masons and their purposes and beliefs

Through the use of lecture, illustration and seminar dialogue, this course seeks to expand the participant’s realization of the extraordinary experience which takes place when candidates become Entered Apprentices.  Together those involved in this course will seek to explore the expanding space of particular human experience in which the new Masons find themselves. Governing the working geometry of this space are such cardinal points as Ethical Care, Scope of Understanding, Practical Skills and Professional Responsibility as a Mason. As a source of historical perspective, attention will be given to one of the oldest Masonic documents, the Regius Poem, and its significance to the E.A. Degree.  Every part of the Degree has a symbolic meaning as well as a literal interpretation. That most important symbolic part will be highlighted and explored. The final goal of this course is to have everyone present leave with an understanding why ...the greatest and best of men in all ages have been encouragers and promoters of the art, and have never deemed it derogatory from their dignity to level themselves with the fraternity....”

Instructor: MW Walter MacDougall & RW Don McDougal

Location: Star in the West Lodge, Unity 9AM-12PM