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November 4, 2017 - The FC Degree

This course explores the Fellow Craft Degree as the central introduction to the quest which Freemasonry offers. It suggests that among all the good attributes of the Masonic environment, it is this opportunity of quest which makes the Fraternity of special importance to men and society today.   Assisted by visual images and interactive discussion this exploration will begin with that ancient legend that two great pillars stand at the beginning of the journey that all must take if they are to find wisdom, strength and establishment. What will follow is a consideration of the ways in which the Fellow Craft Degree introduces the candidate to this most remarkable passage which leads to a world of enlarging enlightenment, ability and contentment. Exploration will include the winding stairs, the liberal arts and sciences, the references to our human history and role of geometry and architecture, the jewels of a Fellow Craft, the passage to the Middle Chamber and the gem of Masonic Teaching, the “Letter G Lecture”.   This course is designed to bring new focus to that all important middle degree in Freemasonry and to afford an opportunity for new masons as well as their mentors to expand their horizons as they labor to be builders of knowledge and worthy, life giving vision and ideals.

Instructor: Walter Macdougall, George Mcdougall, Don McDougal

Location: Location TBD

November 11, 2017 - Tenents & Cardinal Virtues

Freemasonry is not a revealed religion. It is, however, as are all great human searches after what is truly significant. Instructor Reginald Wing will lead us in such a search for the interrelated significance of the Cardinal Virtues and the Tenets of our profession not only as Freemasons but as human beings. Brother Wing course is intended for participation and is supported by excellent hand-out material. You will leave with a new understanding of the importance of our tenets and cardinal virtues.

Instructor: Reggie Wing

Location: Rising Sun Lodge, Orland 9AM-12PM Meal to follow. $5.00 per person