Board of Regents

The following have assumed the responsibility of and commitment to the Maine Masonic College:

R. Wayne Hitchcock
George M. A. Macdougall
Christopher R. Howard, Ph.D.
Dean of Academic Affairs
Walter M. Macdougall, Ph.D.
Dean of Academic Affairs Emeritus
Eric W. Kuntz M.D.
Richard L. Bowden
Dannel H. Starbird M.D.
Daniel E. Gaucher
Luke C. Shorty
Michael G. Hopkins
The Grand Master
The Deputy Grand Master

Faculty & Staff

R. Wayne Hitchcock, Faculty & Regent

Christopher R. Howard, Faculty & Regent

Walter M. Macdougall, Faculty & Regent

George M. A. Macdougall, Faculty & Regent

Eric W. Kuntz, Faculty & Regent

Wayne T. Adams, Faculty

Don J. McDougal, Faculty

Sam McKeeman, Faculty

Don G. Beane, Faculty

Charles W. Plummer, Faculty & Past Regent

Reginald W. Wing, Faculty & Past Regent

George Pulkkinen, Entablature Editor

Steve Gibbons, Representative from the Masonic Education and Lodge Services (M.E.A.L.S.) Committee

Theresa Hatch, College Secretary

and YOU!

Are you interested in furthering the goals of the Maine Masonic College? Want to work with a VERY highly motivated group of individuals who value input from all sources? Let us know! We’d love to add YOUR name to the lists above.