Maine Masonic College

The Maine Masonic College is an initiative of the Grand Lodge of Masons in Maine – the fraternity of Freemasons. Our goal is to create educational opportunities for members in our jurisdiction and for friends and neighbors in the communities where we live and work.

To Bring More Light

The Maine Masonic College endeavors to bring programs to enrich and stimulate. Using a variety of modalities, our goal is to help our society remember its past, understand its present and look forward confidently.

The College Briefly

Our name inspires us to a ‘higher educational calling’. We are not a bricks and mortar school but a ‘Temple of Knowledge’, offering learning opportunities in various modalities.

We believe that Freemasonry is relevant in society today, helping to create a continuum of knowledge for those who are interested in personal enrichment.

Masonic ritual exhorts us to broaden our knowledge of the seven liberal arts and sciences. Thus, our programs include topics of interest to anyone with an inquisitive mind: ethics, astronomy, logic, public speaking and more. We have molded the Maine Masonic College on the best features of not only traditional and modern Masonic-oriented education but also ‘senior college’ and lifelong learning endeavors.

At the Maine Masonic College, we encourage your input, your recommendations, and – most of all – your INVOLVEMENT!

Special Shorter Programs

The Maine Masonic College also provides shorter programs of high interest and use to the Craft. These presentation are especially well suited for lodge and district settings. Topics include The Amazing Fellowcraft Degree, Harmony of the Seasons, Cosmology and Our Ritual, The Letter G, Masonry and the American Revolution. Contact R.W. Donald McDougal, Chairman of this service to the Craft. His phone number is 938-2290, and his email address is .

Important Note

Opinions expressed by the instructors and Regents of the Maine Masonic College do not represent the/an ‘official’ position of Freemasonry or of the Grand Lodge of Masons in Maine.

No one person speaks for Freemasonry. Only the Grand Master can speak for Freemasonry within his own jurisdiction and then, only during his term of office.

Upcoming Courses

April 27, 2019 - Arts & Sciences- The study of Logic

Once a year the Maine Masonic College holds a celebration of the arts and sciences which are the magnificent achievements and courageous outreach of the human mind and spirit. Traditionally, the format for these annual celebrations includes a morning presentation by a leading figure in a particular art of science or in arts and science education followed by a banquet and an open session encouraging participation on the part of the participant. Below is what you can look forward to.

1. Introduction. What is logic? (Sets out a definition and makes clear logic's scope and limits. 5 minutes)
2. Logic and Argument - How logic works. (See attached worksheet. The worksheet is for use in the class, it is not self-explanatory. It introduces the minimum vocabulary ("validity", "soundness") one must have to discuss logic logically. 30 minutes with discussion.)
3. Logic and Conversation - a musical interlude. (A fun example, 5 minutes)
4. A brief history and some implications. (Introduces 3 central figures in the history of logic: Aristotle, Frege, Gödel, and some of what this history shows, 10 minutes)
5. A logical digression: The Monty Hall problem (a surprising and fun interactive example, 10 minutes)
6. Logic and... religion; politics; ethics. (A facilitated discussion drawing on items ##1,2,4. The lessons here about the use and misuse of logic are  - to my mind - profound. 30 minutes or longer)
I'll also provide a reading list as well as a selection of online sites. We will need a whiteboard or flip chart. I can bring the latter if necessary.

Instructor: James H. Page, PhD & Bro. Luke Shorty

Location: Anah Shrine Center, Bangor. 8Am Registration 9AM Class

Anah Shrine Center, Bangor. 8Am Registration 9AM Class

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