Library Building Project

The Charitable Foundation Trustees have approved and personally supported a fund raising effort to expand the Masonic Library at the Grand Lodge Office Building in Holden. The plan includes closing in the former bank drive through lanes and adding an additional 620 sq. ft. of Library space.  Click below to see the architectural drawing.

library build out plan

 The addition will enhance the ability of the Library to provide educational opportunities for the Craft, and with the addition of a general interest section, make lending library services available to the Holden area. The space will also be offered to local schools, pre-schools, and daycare facilities as a place for “reading times.”

 Will you join with the Trustees in making this project a reality? All donors will be memorialized in a book made part of the permanent collection in the Library. Suggested categories of giving are:

 Reader                      $1.00 through $500.00

Researcher               $501.00 through $2,500.00

Educator                    $2,501.00 through $5,000.00

Master Teacher       $5,001.00 through $20,000.00

Master Designer     $20,001.00 through $40,000.00

Master Builder        $40,000.00+


“Researchers”, “Educators”, and “Master Teachers” will be noted on special engraved plaques.  The “Master Designer” will be named on a plaque recognizing the donation for providing the furnishings in the Library. The “Master Builder” will be accorded the right name the Library with the name affixed at the entry.

The first 10 “Researcher” donors will be offered the opportunity to select up to five volumes that are duplicates in the collection.

All “Educators” will receive a pen and pencil desk set from the Foundation.

The first three “Master Teachers” will be have their donations noted with their name on an office or Conference Room in the Grand Lodge Office Building.

All donations are tax deductible to the extent of the law.  Please click here to donate to become an integral part of this exciting endeavor. If you wish to pledge over two or three years or to send a check for a one time pledge, please write:

Maine Masonic Charitable Foundation

Library Build Out

PO Box 430

Holden, ME  04429