Community Betterment Matching Grants

Freemasonry has the unique opportunity to become a partner in every community in which Masons reside. The Community Betterment Matching Grant program sponsored by the Maine Masonic Charitable Foundation assists a local lodge in achieving its charitable efforts in their communities.

Whether it is putting in a bench at a park, helping a library, raising funds for a food bank, fuel assistance, or more; the Masonic Charitable Foundation offers lodges the ability to enhance their fundraising capabilities. Lodges have the ability to raise funds for the causes that captivate their interests and make application to the Masonic Charitable Foundation for a matching grant.

During each fiscal year (which runs from April 1st to March 31st), each Lodge is eligible for $7,000 in matching grants – that is $7,000!

The Foundation will match $2.00 for every $1.00 the Lodge is spending with a maximum per category (in this instance Community Betterment) of $3,000 in matching funds.
Lodges can spread monies over multiple grants within the same category (i.e., $200 for one Community Betterment project and $250 for another Community Betterment project) and now Lodges can also do a large matching grant for one nonprofit or community project (i.e., a Lodge can chose to donate $1,500 to a local nonprofit and the Foundation will match it with $3,000 for a total of $4,500 for that local nonprofit).


Lodges are asked to complete the application included below with as much detail as possible, and if approved, funds will be sent to the lodge. There is little that a lodge can do to better take the charitable efforts that are important to Masonry than by supporting their communities.  The Maine Masonic Charitable Foundation is proud to partner with lodges in this effort.

Please read the guidelines for submitting a grant application here.  Lodge members can apply for the grant by completing an online application (and submit immediately with the click of a button) or download a fillable pdf application (and send via email) or download a word doc application  (and email, fax or mail it to the Foundation – all information is on the form).

To support the Community Betterment Matching Grant program, click here to make a donation