Brotherhood Relief

There are situations where time is of the essence and Freemasonry must provide relief as quickly as possible.  The new Brotherhood Relief program will allow the Masonic Charitable Foundation to provide assistance as quickly as possible.

The Masonic Charitable Foundation has allowed us to help Brethren and Masonic widows address urgent personal needs. The maximum award is $500. The Brotherhood Fund compliments the more substantial Masonic Relief that is available by formal application to the Masonic Charitable Foundation. Earlier this year, the Brotherhood Fund was tapped to assist a Brother within 24 hours of a fire in which he lost everything. Other examples: aid might be given to some – heating oil or food, or needs medical equipment. There must be an urgent need that we might address quickly. Lodge Masters and/or Secretaries may communicate a financial need and assistance recommendation by phone or email to the Grand Secretary, Deputy Grand Master, Grand Master or Executive Director.