The Ira Berry Lodge Bikes for Books Winners

Six lucky readers at the Blue Hill Consolidated School won brand new Huffy bicycles on May 26 through the by the Bikes for Books program sponsored by the local Masonic Lodge, Ira Berry Lodge No. 128. The students from left are Tillie Marsh (standing in for winner Danielle Johnston), Miriam Nelson, Mazie Smallidge, MaKenzie Grindle, and Vanessa Sherwood.

Marsh River Lodge Bikes for Books

As one can readily see from the expressions on the faces of these proud new bike owners, Marsh River Lodge’s 2013 Bikes for Books Program was a huge success. 68 boys and girls from pre-school through fifth grade participated. As Lodge Secretary Greg Parks explains, “When we approached Morse Memorial School in Brooks the principal and staff were so excited it

ME CHIP: 50,000 and counting

March 13, 2013, started quite differently than most days. There was a feeling of apprehension because it could be the day that the 50,000th child would be processed through the Maine Child Identification Program. CHIP identification data is collected and provided free of charge to parents whose children participate in the program. 50,000 children. That’s a goodly number of children, and it has

Amity Lodge and Camden Library Team Up for Bikes for Books

During this summer almost 70 kids age 4 to 12 took part in the Camden Public Library Summer Reading Program, “One World, Many Stories”. Under the direction of Amy Hand, the kids explored the different continents of the world through reading, crafts and activities. The kids visited the local sea shore and learned about the sea and all its creatures. According